A TubeSat. Credit: InterOrbital.com

A TubeSat. Credit: InterOrbital.com

The article below discusses a satellite that you can buy for $8,000 USD that can launch into space! Check this out.
http://www.universetoday.com/36639/launch-your-own-personal-satellite-for-8000-usd/ ( or share our short link of the article on social networks http://iglobal.it/lOKcJM )

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From Josh Bois, CEO of Global Good Enterprises To our readers:

The world whether politically or environmentally is at a state of unrest. We must be prepared for the future and ensure that we protect business, information flow, government, communications, and financial continuity for this world to function. Our communications ( data, voice, internet, etc ) need to be redundantly connected as much as possible to protect the world and ensure even in emergencies that order is maintained.

Satellites, my friends, are one of those means of telecommunications redundancy. Where as our trans-continental internet lines ( internet lines underneath the oceans connecting continents data and voice ) may get cut by storms and natural disasters ( hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, We have seen it all! ), terrorists, or random accidents; Satellites remain in the sky able to continue connecting the world. Obviously of course satellites can be knocked out of the sky as well by terrorists or sky debris; however, they provide us another backup mechanism to cope with the world’s growing interconnection needs in more places. Despite the fact that satellites alone do not have the capacity and realistically necessary speeds ( YET AT LEAST ) to keep the world connected to the online world in the face of an emergency, they are one measure to protect us and provide some data needs and relief in bad situations.

As the internet continues to connect us with amazing resources such as Wikipedia and Google to find information, people are able to innovate faster and educate themselves at a pace the world has truly never seen before. The growth, expansion, and prosperity of the world depends on us protecting this data free flow whether to phones, computers, data-centers / servers, presidential and government figures, business operators / employees, and everybody else of course too!

Let us share this article and have scientists from around the world launch their own mini satellites to learn from and lower the bariers to entry for space telecommunication and technological innovation / support for the future. Whether exploring other galaxies to trade, share resources, research, or just protecting our own earth in the face of disaster or for pure innovation; there are amazing feats that can be realized by connecting people to the right information.

So I ask you to share this with somebody you know that may be able to change the world through the use of science, space, technology, and any other ideas.Should all the cell phone towers and electricity be knocked out in a disaster; the Satellites can be the ones that save you through telecommunications and GPS. On a budget of $8K you cannot exactly put up a Nasa type satellite or major private telecommunications bridge but you can at least get your foot in the door 😉

At the end of the day we are just promoting Global Good whether that is protecting and promoting the well being of our readers in the future, or saving them during a disaster. With the right resources we can protect this world together. Thank you, and please share this readers!

Josh Bois
CEO Global Good Enterprises