Kristin Cavallari, the hottie from MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange county, is back in news again for her “re-engagement” to Jay Cutler. Apparently Cav. announced the official news on her twitter when she tweeted

“This time it’s official. Jay and I are engaged again :)”

Cutler is 28 while Kristin is only 24. Sad to see such a cute one get taken out of the game but who knows how long it will last even though it is hopefully forever right? They had been together before and then all of a sudden Cutler had dumped her in the middle of summer which “blindsided” the female actress although now she is happy that they are back on track to do this right. This time she is saying that this is the real deal and hopefully things go well. The actress has been famous for dating many other stars before such as Jason Wahler. She had also dated others on the Laguna Beach show such as Stephen Colletti who we feel is the coolest of all and reminds us of us a bit. Go Global Good Colleti! Steven is also doing well and dating star actresses other than Cavallari so the whole cast of many of those shows are doing pretty well right now.