Utilize JitBit Macro Recorder to Automate your Business Life

Over the past several years I have turned to all sorts of marketing automation platforms to accelerate my efforts in the never ending quest to grow revenue and build my international network. Sometimes though, there are not always perfect tools for the job and you must come up with your own solution. I have solutions to automate a lot of things whether that is techy linux needs for our servers, social media networking, heck even an android app to automate swipe movements to perform auto-swipe on dating apps, yes lol. But recently I had a need to help grow my network on certain platforms and thought that adding people manually took quite a few hours out of my week if I wanted to add hundreds a day and really aggressively build my following. Looking for a dedicated SAAS offering to automate this particular network of interest of mine proved fruitless. Automation is out there for LinkedIn and FB, Twitter but not what I needed so I set out to find a system to auto record my clicks and re-perform those movements and actions for me, everyday.. and I would do this on a virtual pc that was always on 24/7.

After some due diligence time spent reading lists of the top windows automation and macro software and then trying out several, I came to love Jit Bit Macro Recorder pretty fast. I could record something such as me clicking add friend or connection on a few individuals and then easily click the repeat X times button and choose as many iterations as I wanted. Due to not becoming viewed as a spammer or abusing certain social networks I like a feature such as this to make sure I keep some of my automation tasks within boundaries, even if I like to play right up close to them ;P.

It is so simple, they even give you a 40 day trial, and the cost is very effective with prices starting around $30 and up to $80+ or so for enterprise/premium versions. So far it is already revolutionizing some of my marketing efforts on important platforms and helping me automate other daily pc actions.


Create dedicated windows EXE programs you can execute on other computers that perform the same task.

For me this is genius so that I can distribute the program to my team to automate daily functions as well and or stick it on one of my remote windows desktops that I have setup for automation and helping me be effective and utilize full desktop services when I am away from home or want to turn my desktop off.


I highly recommend their software it you want to automate & make some marketing moves

CHECK OUT MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT: https://www.jitbit.com/macro-recorder/



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CHECK OUT MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT & DOWNLOAD/PURCHASE: https://www.jitbit.com/macro-recorder/