JFI better known as JetFlite International, a global aircraft management provider as well as a charter services firm, has now added their Challenger 601 in Moscow and has added staff.

“From our perspective Moscow is an emerging market and there is a lot of opportunity there,” said Bill Cripe, JFI’s Chief Executive Officer. “This summer in Moscow we are flying one of our airplanes over 80 hours a month in charter.

“Over the past two years we’ve become comfortable in it. We have expertise that is unique to a US operator working in Russia. We have been offering a Gulfstream G200 out of Moscow and were confident enough that we moved another airplane, a Challenger 601 there. There is a good chance we will be adding a Gulfstream GV there.

“To better serve the Moscow business jet charter needs we hired two dispatchers to work in our Moscow office as well as adding two sales people and a mechanic.”

The main areas that JFI has been serving are New York, Moscow, and the west coast where it has its operating bases. Moscow is a good location for them because of how central it is in the European market as it is close to major world centers such as China and London.


JFI has been a worldwide leader in the aircraft and travel  industry for over 20 years with major growth stemming from international flights which are now accounted for over 50 percent of their total aircraft charger business. JetFlite’s geo destinations include over 35 countries such as China, Chile, Brazil, Georgia, France, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Czech Republic and Algeria. 

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