People that used to live in many of the areas of Japan including areas such as Tokyo are still very concerned about returning to Japan and fear the radiation that is still there and the harmful effects it can have on them, their loved ones, and business operations there. reported on many families and individuals such as Sascha, a 35 year old man who would not believe that the radiation levels were alright and would not hurt his health and has been reluctant to move back anywhere in Japan. Those displaced because of their fears of radiation are facing many difficulties of being in a foreign land. Another individual, Terumi who is 39 and cannot speak much German, has had to move to Germany and is struggling with the cultures and life there as well as what it is doing to his family. One kindergartner named Leiya that was displaced by the Japanese Tsunami and nuclear radiation has been acting out in her new home away from Japan because of her inability to assimilate into another culture.

It is sad to see the problems that many in Japan are facing due to the Tsunami and we put out prayers for all of them and hope that things will get better!