Police in Italy said they seized 19 tons of Easter eggs and other candies after inspections discovered a large number of sweets covered in mold or parasites.

via Italy seizes contaminated Easter candies – UPI.com.

GGG Readers check out this article! It is very disturbing to us that companies around the world would allow their food and candy to spoil and potentially hurt the consumers that helped their businesses grow! Especially for this to happen on Easter which is very closely tied to religious and spiritual beliefs for many, I am quite sure this has upset many peoples overseas.

Businesses must be sustainable and practice ethical and moral behavior if they are going to exist for long and I hope to see the governments overseas cracking down on bad business as well as performing more frequent inspections. Even more important than forced cooperation; I hope that the companies involved with this were embarrassed by their actions and mishap and will correct course so that this may never happen again and peoples’ healths are not jeopardized.


An Easter Bunny obviously saddened by the state of the Easter eggs. (UPI Photo/Michael Reynolds/POOL)   Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2011/04/22/Italy-seizes-contaminated-Easter-candies/UPI-80041303497657/#ixzz1KI5us943