The iPhone 4 has kept the crowds and apple fan boys buzzing for the past year but has also opened peoples eyes for what they are looking for in future smart phones to really seal the deal on being our one stop devices for everything. Many people and followers of apple and smartphones in general have been awaiting news on the iPhone 5 ( the iPhone 4’s upgrade coming to the market ) and many sources online are claiming that the phone may really just be an upgrade of the current model, so a iPhone 4S similar to Apple’s previous model of releasing a iPhone 3GS after releasing the iPhone 3G.

As a 1 year user of the phone I can testify to its great quality and usability. Although Google is coming a far way with its Android devices in terms of their hardware capabilities and powerful operating system, there are still many factors blocking their major mainstream rulership and this has left Apple’s products in a still very strong leadership position.

Especially because Apple waited so long to put out this new phone, the upgrade to the iPhone 4, at this point many including me will be strongly considering whether to stick with the Apple brand or if Google will have released a product by that point that is finally superior to the iPhone in terms of functionality, design, user interface / gui, power such as the cpu ( seeing a quad core processor or two dual core processors in phones soon), memory and ram ( perhaps 2gb ram in phones soon now that we have seen 1gb models such as the Motorola Atrix 4G which has substantially more power than comparable phones), and other factors. Hopefully the phone wars continue to stir innovation and the general public can enjoy some really good phone choices this up and coming fall!