Hello Global Gooders… trying to take your great Global Good startup idea to more users around the world with a limited budget?  There are many great tools and services out there that allow you to build a big following without the venture and angel capital that you thought you needed to get the idea off the ground. Fear not fellow Global Gooders we are here to introduce you to these tools that will allow you to connect with your customers and drive targeted traffic on the cheap. First off you need to build a strong brand and ensure that you own your great name across the web. You can use a service such as Knowem ( http://knowem.com/ ) which allows you to check on over 550 popular social networks the availability of your company or startups name such asmyspace.com/YOURSTARTUPNAMEHERE. You can check the availability on all the networks for free and they have a few different price levels for actually taking your images, some links, and a description and manually setting up those accounts on all the networks for you to save time; but again if you have time and not capital then you can do this yourself for free and reap the rewards for all of that work that you sowed.
Getting a basic website or blog for your startup is another great marketing tool that can help you get into Google much easier by talking about relevant content to your business that your customers or potential customers can read up on and find you when searching the web. WordPress.org allows you to signup for free and get a blog going in no time. You can change the design, which is called a theme, and start adding great features through plugins and content without any programming or design experience what-so-ever! From youngsters to the elderly many people have taken to blogging through major sites and platforms like WordPress and we cannot downplay its importance. Going out on the internet into new territories such as social networks based in other countries like http://hyves.nl/ which is based in the Netherlands can allow you to connect for free with people over there at no cost to you other than taking the time to add, contact, and share information with people there. Find networks and websites in other countries that are similar to your product or service and become active and you can begin getting clicks and prospects without having to spend a dime on online advertising or services.
So what if you do have a small marketing and advertising budget? If you are going to do some targeted marketing… Google Adwords and Facebook Ads allow you to target ads on a variety of factors. Facebook provides some very deep demographic targeting such as age, sex, location, relationship status ( even down to how long you have been married or in a relationship if that information was provided on the customers profile ), and more such as what their interests are. These are just some recommendations and we hope to see you doing some international marketing!
If you are looking to Globalize feel free to contact us at GlobalGoodMedia.com/contact to consult you on your strategy for entering new markets with your product!