Natalie Wood a very mysterious case. As an 11 year old she had almost drowned during the shooting of a movie when she was thrown off of a bridge. Randomly however she ended up dying in a similar fashion. She had gone from child star to star as an adult although there had been many troubles throughout her life such as a struggle with alcohol and also a suicide attempt. Some 32 years after having shot the movie scene where she drowned she ended up back in the ocean after falling in Catalina Island which is right off of the coast of Long Beach in California. The police and many others have come back to her case to look at some of the details and facts about what really happened. Woods was known for many box office hits and had also been an Oscar-nominated actress. Some of the most well known films in her career include that of “Rebel Without a Cause”, “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” as well as “West side story”. Many of these films and her acts were popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s which help to give some perspective on the timeline and history of this whole ordeal.
The actress had actually turned down a role as “Bonnie and Clyde”; something she was able to do as she made good money with her acting. Her “Bob & Carol” role alone netted her $3 Million dollars. Many time great success comes with great downsides and can isolate you from the rest of society.