Well apparently these days Sports are not enough and major cities with sports centers are trying to pull more visitors and customers from every corner they can. This time they have gone as far as installing a zip line in Indianaopolis; and multiple at that! They are going to have a new attraction that lets fans soar over the crowds in the surrounding streets of the Super Bowl and see all of the excitement from above as if they were flying in a helicopter or superman himself.

Although this may open up a few liabilities for the owners, it seems like something that could add some exposure and excitement for the stadium and may build some more buzz up around the major Super Bowl 2012 Event! Many of the fans are already very excited for it and willing to go up against any conditions just to ride around the zip line in downtown Indy and see all of the excitement from above. This will be the first time a Super Bowl has sported a zip line but other major sporting events have definitely pulled stunts like this before to gain some extra press before an event and make some great memories for the attendees.

Check out more information online at: http://www.indystar.com/article/20111227/LOCAL1805/112270323/Zip-zip-hooray-Zip-line-could-one-Super-Bowl-s-big-attractions?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Sports|s