Many secondary market sales of companies and equity are going on in India currently as the IPO arena is dried up. Many firms are looking to be purchased by rivals or other investors in related areas that can utilize the resources.

Firms in India tend to want to go public very fast even when they are not ready but the market is not looking favorably on it as the stock index has been down this year and is not looking like the best option for these firms. Information from VCCircle sheds light on the statistics that show that the IPO market within India is down 66% to $85 million across 15 deals. This is a pretty low figure seeing as major firms can IPO in other countries such as the United States for billions of dollars such as Facebook and Google among others.


$7 billion in offers were taken off of the table this year which shows that although the will from one side is there to go public, the investors in India and abroad are not ready or willing to accept the offers and put their money where the firms want it.


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