I Love Lucy is a classic American TV show from back in the 1950’s that aired in black-and-white on CBS ( Columbia Broadcasting System ). The show was famous and even won five Emmy Awards as well as several other awards throughout its time. Notably according to wikipedia it was the “first scripted TV program to be shot on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience” and even in 2002 it was “ranked second on TV Guide’s list of televisions greatest shows, behind Seinfeld and ahead of The Honeymooners”. Also Wikipedia explained that it was the “most-watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons, and was the first to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings ( an accomplishment later matched by The Andy Griffith show and Seifneld).” (Photo Credit: )

“Even as a child I remember that I could watch it and have some laughs despite it being primarily marketed and enjoyed by older boomer generation audiences as well as their parents. This show hits a lot of demographics and is comedic too so it gets on the right side of a lot of viewers…. It’s a good show to market on to reach a lot of people” -Josh Bois

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