A recent story on Wired featured a new hypersonic weapon that the news has just revealed. Apparently it can travel about 2,400 miles in just minutes which shows the advanced nature and sophistication of today’s technologies. We just hope it is used for Global Good and not for evil and destruction and unnecessary killing. Weapons such as this can travel across countries and oceans in no time whatsoever and we really just hope that the powers behind these weapons are careful and responsible with it because there are so many implications and consequences of wrongfully using these types of harmful weapons.

We try to be as neutral as possible here at Global Good Group and deliver the news of the times so you can make your own judgement. There may or may not be justification for war depending on many peoples’ perspectives around the world let us know what you think about this weapon Global Gooders.

Read more on Wired.com at: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/11/2400-miles-in-minutes-hypersonic-weapon-passes-easy-test/