An interesting article on Venture Beat discusses some of the ways that black entrepreneurs can do well in Silicon Valley. The whole topic came in the public spotlight most recently as CNN started a new documentary called, Black in America 4which has started to make a lot more people look at the dynamics between different races within the tech industry. Silicon Valley is the place for great ideas and smart thinkers to let their mind free and combine with the right resources to get things off the ground. Even GlobalGoodGroup can base some of its success off of its presence in the Valley and the connections that have been made here. From financiers and venture capitalists to engineers, bloggers, or any other role within the tech industry we have been able to network and meet people from many countries, cultures, and backgrounds here in the Valley and believe there is great opportunity for people that are looking for them.
There are many groups within the Valley that support minorities whether it is think tanks or special funding meant for minority programs. The great think about Silicon Valley is that is is so close to San Francisco which is one of the most populated cities in the world and second to that it is also one of the most diverse which means that there is access to people just like you no matter what you are like. Whether you are geeky with technology, or into accounting, from Iran, or enjoy classical music there is somebody to understand you on your same brain wave.
The great thing about this area is that diversity is not only accepted it is rooted for. Companies want a diverse work force which can solve problems well and look at it from as many perspectives as possible which is only possible by hiring dynamic people from all different backgrounds. Rock on!