Jello shots including related terms like jelly shots, champagne jello shots, corona, jewel osco, and panerai are all trending on Google right now here. Jello shots are an interesting form of alcohol being served at parties because they are fun and powerful. Rather than a mixed drink which may take a while to ingest or straight shots of alcohol which may not be the most pleasant; jello shots offer a fun and easy alternative to enjoying your holiday parties. From allowing people to choose different colors and drink choices to keeping proportions of drinks small they are a great way to keep a party under control and exciting. Check out some more Champagne articles on the Global Good Network!


Pop your champagne correctly and safely this new years


Moët & Chandon – Most Popular Champagne Brands


Piper-Heidsieck – Most Popular Champagne Brands


Top Champagne Brand Dom Perignon


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