Hey Global Gooders,

Check out HK he is a Tunisian Hip Hop and R&B singer out there in Africa doing his thing across the world. Global Good Group likes to bring opportunities to people, businesses, and organizations around the world with no exceptions we are here to help everybody and especially those in need.

You can find out more about him on his youtube channel: houcinekonvict


HK’s Track name is: HK ft Frost-M – She’s Tha 1 [HQ]


HK has a full line up of tracks, mixtapes, and cd’s he is on as well as several collaborations with other US artists, African artists, and others from around the world. He is currently working on getting a trip to the USA to further his carrer in Los Angeles, Ca and Atlanta, Ga.



In an upcoming song HK will be shouting out the Global Good Executives Josh Bois ( @JoshBois ) and Rick Jeffries ( @RickJeffriesC4C )

Find HK on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/hkdaboss