Russia’s prime minister, Vladimir Putin, is putting the spotlight on Hillary Clinton as he accuses her of encouraging Russian Protests. Word travels fast around the world these days with the internet and there are few times left where politicians can say anything without having some sort of consequence or comment stream from their top lovers or detractors. Part of the problem is that the US and Russia have a long history of disputes with each other and modern times are no different. We are now seeing just as many issues crop up such as what is going on in Syria all the way to perspectives and understandings about missile defense.
In politics there are a few ways that you can only reach the people you want with certain messages and it is called narrow-casting. Keep in mind there is no way to completely stop information sharing and there will likely be some spillover to people not meant to see the message but it works very effectively. Politicians are able to send individualized and custom tailored communications to people based on their income, geographic area, cultural background, and many other factors through television, radio, email, text message, and more. A politician may only want to promote their position on a given topic with those it is relevant too and garner support very strongly where they can rather than send mixed messages out to the masses. Unfortunately in a Global world like today when you are on the level of politics that Hillary is on you are bound to step on a few toes or anger a foreign minister with your words. We suggest you check out the article below which has the full details on what happened in Russia. Cant we all just get along? Peace out Global Gooders. Josh Bois signing off