Like Gulfstreams? So do I. So we are going to dedicate this article to G5’s, G6’s and the rest of the Gulfstream lineup. Of course, all of you Global Good Bombadier Learjet Fans ( and everybody else! ) we welcome you aboard too!

First off… We want to change the world and we understand that private jets may not always be the most economical or environmentally friendly travel option; however, if it can allow us to travel more efficiently while in the process of trying to change the world and bring about some Global Good that more than counters it, then I am all for using that as a travel method. Personally I grew up going on many trips in small private planes but have never had the chance, yet, to go in a super nice private jet like a Gulfstream or Learjet. For example if I am only able to travel for a week and meet with 20 powerful influential people in different cities spread out over the US by being able to fly to local airports spread around the domestic states versus perhaps 10 people if I took major carrier flights, then I feel it may be worth it for the good that we can do. The more people and organizations we align to spread Global Good the faster we can see our effect on the world and change things!

All of you Global Gooders that have already been through the skies in one of these cool jets, rock on! May the Global Good Execs someday follow your footsteps and go on some cool journeys to meet the movers and shakers of the world to try to bring about some change! <3 Official Gulfstream Links, Pages, and Resources:

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