There were some great moments in 2011 and we are all sure that there will be many more in 2012. We are hoping though to let you in on some of the cutest secret pictures of 2011… well they may not be so secret but we felt that you had to see some of them! The first one we had to show you is a Goose who goes by the name “Gator”, They call him Goosey Two Shoes and he is featured in an article on The collection features this cute goose who is wearing some red shoes as well as many other great ones such as a cute cat holding a cute puppy and some other mini kitten photos that are just as precious as can be. We have some other Global Good animals on the website such as Sammy in the City that you should also check out! We just love animals over here and if you send in some pics of your cutest animals with a short story ( at least 500 words ) we may feature it on the website in our offbeat, animals section! Send them in guys!!!