Courtesy: Google

Be careful out there shoppers; it may be the beloved Christmas time but that does not mean that you can let your guard down. A recent report on Cnet says that Google Wallet stores “too much data in a rooted device”. This may not mean much to you if you have a regular iPhone or Android device that you have left for the most part untouched but if you have “modded” or “rooted” it from the original software then you may want to be careful. Here at the Global Good Network we take business and our phones very seriously so we have not rooted our phones to ensure we are always in line with carier regulations and have valid warranties on our phones; but to some of our Global Good Followers out there who have modded up their device for extra features we are just letting you know to watch out! Apparently there are all sorts of data items that are not encrypted on the device such as your entire credit card number, balance, and some other information.

ViaForensics recently released a little article about this ( ) that further explains what is going on.

Check out some more information about this and related problems on cNet.