Social networks are big. When we say big we mean infinitely powerful these days. From humble new start to Facebook’s 800 million plus users the social web is thriving with people in all sorts of niches and interests sharing and discussing. Sites such as Tumblr have powerful and userbases where just 2% make up for nearly 43% of their visits which show that the power of information is still somewhat in the hands of few individuals. Just like on twitter where the majority of users may only have a few hundred followers and the top 1% of tweeters have a huge percentage of the traffic, mindshare, and followers. We must be careful these days who we put in influencing roles on these networks and who gets out there as to protect freedom of speech and ensure the right voices get heard. The beautiful thing about social networks and blogging is that people who do not usually have a voice can get a chance to have that voice; however, with the rise of advertising and spam it can be increasingly difficult to get your voice heard. Here at Global Good Group we are a forum for discussion and allowing peoples’ ideas to be heard. If you have something great to share with the world let us know and we will put it out through our network and try to make you heard.
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