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We The Global Good Network of people, websites, organizations, and other entities are here to change the world and promote Global Good. Nobody is a perfect judge of what is right or wrong nor is any one person all knowing so we are calling on you the people to suggest topics and issues for us to raise awareness on no matter where in the world they are happening. In fact we want to help better represent the people whose voices have gotten drowned out by their own communities, governments, organizations, perhaps even friends and allow them to raise the awareness they deserve.

When you perform a google or bing search for the term: “Global Good”, and have recently been coming up on the first and second page but there are other important websites and organizations about Global Good that we just cannot forget and the following are just a few Global Good Resources.

Some other Global Good organizations to check out are:
On the website homepage it says that:
“GOOD is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to saving lives, raising awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation, correcting misconceptions about donation and increasing the number of people willing to donate life.

GOOD’s “Circle of Life” newspaper campaign helps people understand more about the donation process, gives donor and recipient families a way to tell their important stories about donation and provides newspapers, organ procurement organizations and funeral homes the information they need to become participating “Circle of Life” Partners.”

Furthermore on their website the main picture explains that the GOOD in their Global Good stands for: “Global Organization for Organ Donation”. Wow is all I can say… What a great organization helping the world..stay alive. Health organizations, whether research or more practical such as for organ donation are an amazing way to help the world and I hope that this post on our Global Good website helps further expand their presence on the internet so more organ donations can happen every year.


Another great website dedicated to Global Good is that of which provides according to the banner, “Good News From Around The World” and they provide coverage on such topics as: “Agriculture, Business, Culture, Education, Government, Health, Science, World Peace” which are the main menu items on their homepage.

The news they do publish on their website seems to be from quite credible sources as well such as their article at: entitled “Cuba announces tax break for private businesses by Paul Haven” which says it is from the Associated Press, one of the worlds recognized leader in information distribution up in the top spots with Reuters.

At the bottom of the article it has a little summary with information about Global Good News which reads:
“Every day Global Good News documents the rise of a better quality of life dawning in the world from good news reported by the press; and highlights the need for introducing Natural Law based—Total Knowledge based—programmes to bring the support of Nature to every individual, raise the quality of life of every society, and create a lasting state of world peace.”


Of course we cannot forget which stands for the Global Good Foundation. Their website’s design is pretty awesome and furthermore it looks as if they not only have many corporate sponsors but also have several programs for entrepreneurs and initiatives for people to get involved doing Global Good and really helping the world! On their homepage their is even a banner saying “Register Now” to “Assist those affected by domestic violence, jump for the Global Good.” These guys are doing a great job and hopefully we can partner with other Global Good organizations such as this one and the others covered to really make this Global Good mission happen and change some of the problems we see going on all the time around the world, whether throughout history, or about to effect the future.


More Global Good Information to come for you our favorite Global Good Audience, may you enjoy your start of summer! So please join us now and be a part of the Global Good Network of websites and organizations trying to really make a difference. Check out the Global Good Group founder’s twitter at

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