Tonic The Positively Focused social network and news site is a great site that covers topics ranging from teen safety and great restaurants to good causes and events. They have a category called Good Deeds as well as Volunteer Gigs right on their main menu which shows that they are trying to connect people to good causes and information. On their sidebar you can find an image of somebody being handed a big oversized check and underneath it says “Tonic makes people happy. Click to watch and smile!”. This demonstrates that this website is here to make a difference and give back to the community and individuals who are giving back to the world. 
Also clearly visible on the site is an “Add a new post” button with the inscription above that reads, “Found something you want others to take action on? Post it on Tonic.” This further shows that they are here to allow people to expose great causes through their network and traffic. Their worldwide rank according to is even somewhat similar to Global Good Group’s ranking which shows that they have a Global audience that they are helping through the use of their website and articles. My school, Santa Clara University, has even posted more than once to this site which shows me that there are a wide range of potential users that can utilize this tool for social good.
Social Entrepreneurs… unite!