Sooooo….. its almost New Years Eve Global Gooders and around this time if your in the US your rounding off your morning and day Christmas celebrations and about to head into your Christmas night celebrations whether that be a nice dinner, a dinner / cocktail party, fireside home videos with the family or anything else. We decided we would give you a little more cheer and wish you Merry Xmas one more time and wish you a Happy New Years Eve… even though it is not New Years Eve just quite yet.

Need some ideas for what to do?

Check out the Horn Blower Yacht ride in Newport Beach, Ca ( One of my favorite cities since I have been little! )’s%20eve&mt=b&gclid=CJDLwfC9nq0CFQNjTAodVX5alA


Here are some Los Angeles events:


Parties / Events near Irvine:


Some of you out there who may like electronic music such as Techno, House, Dubstep, or DnB ( Drum n Bass… one of my favorites personally ) may have heard of Together as One which is a major event they throw all over but mainly in Los Angeles with thousands upon thousands of people.

There is also a cool TAO event in New York

get tickets here:

TAO is known for a lot of people going and major DJ sets.

WIKI for TAO ( general ):

WIKI for TAO ( festival – what were talking about )

The latest TAO’s have been thrown by Go Ventures ( ) a major event throwing company who have made quite a splash with their great events over the past years.





Some Related New Years Eve


Videos on Youtube:

New Years Eve Trailer HD





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Other sites are linking in to us as well and know that when it comes to New Years Eve, the Global Good Boys got the scoop!


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