Games for Change is an interesting firm that I found out about yesterday at the 2011 Tech Awards Nexus Conference at Santa Clara University, an even presented by the center for science, technology, and society as well as the San Jose Tech Museum. I was initially drawn to their booth at this event because the name Games For Change, represents the Global Good Group’s earliest firm name which was that of Chains For Change ( C4C ) which is quite similar to their G4C shortening. Furthermore it as an interesting twist and site to see firms that utilize the .Org TLD ( top level domain ) extension for their websites versus the all too common.
The games that they present have educational ties where those who play them can learn something such as information or a skill. They are global and are now on their 8th annual Games for Change Festival which was from June 20-22 in 2011. They also host a global developers conference ( 2012 March 5-9 ) which shows that they are bringing the collective intelligence and creativity of great programmers around the world to make games that are educational and fun. With the great increases in technology that we are seeing around the world such as mobile smart phones and iPads people of all ages are able to dramatically increase their knowledge and awareness of good causes. Starting at the early age of even three ( potentially earlier ) kids are able to start touching iPad and similar computer screens with their fingers and begin playing games that can teach them to talk, to think, and other lessons of life. Even for those with disabilities games offer an interesting way to educate and engage people in a way that is fun and educational… something very important.
Such things as math skills, science knowledge, physics, critical thinking, logic and more can be learned through fun games that feel more like real life or fun than anything else. One of the representatives even gave me a demo of some of their games which were surprisingly high quality, realistic, and fun! Right on Games For Change, let’s change the world together!
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