Today in our Global Good Spotlight we cover the “Common Dreams” Documentary which can be seen on CNN.The video covers all of the children servants and slaves across the world and it is really sad. They say that there are over 300,000 children working as domestic servants in Haiti alone! We need more people to stand up and do what is right and try to fight for therights of these children. This is part of why we set the Global Good Group up, to help these needy children being grown as slaves across the world. Shall the world know about these horrible things going on maybe the world would be able to do something more. With the power of social networks and the internet I feel that we are at a unique time in our history where masses of people can know about things that they were not able to know about previously because the media was only controlled by the top influencing officials. Now that the internet rests in every ones hands we can spread the Global Good word.

Common, who is a very famous hip hop artist as well as R&B, is standing up against the slavery going on and trying to make a difference.