Today we bring you some more entrepreneurship insight from the heads of Global Good Group for your daily dose of Globusiness. Entrepreneurs from all around the world are trying to create and innovate all the time and while many do not lead to success or last long; the ones that do sometimes have potential to change the world. Here at G3 we want to see the good ideas cut through the mix and get to the top where they can enjoy the stardom and attention that they deserve. In bad times and economic recessions such as these many businesses decide to cut back on their marketing expenditure and capital put into their product strategy, research and development, and hiring activities… these can spell disaster for many firms. 
When you find yourself in a country where the current economic situation is less than ideal try to remember that many of these times are cyclical and will turn around. Whether analyzing the great depression in America or famines of other countries; countries do get out of these situations to better times. Perhaps a few great adages that may inspire you to continue on during hard times would be that of; “The low times help make the good times even better” and a relationship oriented phrase that can be turned into a business meaning if you look at it from another perspective is that of; “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” which makes you realize that it is better to make mistakes and to have learned than to have been neutral in your learning experiences and never have gone through that at all. Often times it is the strife that we go through which shapes us the most and gives us character; or an entity as a whole that goes through bankruptcy or low sales periods… once through to the other side the team may be stronger and more motivated than ever because they had the bonding experience of staying together when times were rough. It is truly when times are the worst whether in a relationship, business or personal, or as an entity that peoples true sides and characters come out and when all of that can be put to the side and success can still be had… some real beauty can come of it.
Currently not only is the American economy in a bit of a hard spot but the rest of the world too. We want to encourage entrepreneurship now more than ever because of the good that it can do. Not only can entrepreneurship create world changing technologies but it creates jobs, can bring happiness, and wealth to countries, communities, families, and people in need. Most importantly when entrepreneurship is focused on sustainable positive oriented and focused ideas it benefits the world and the people running it. Here at Global Good Group we are all about creating profitable but sustainable businesses that promote globally good ideas and people around the world while still ensuring its own future by being for profit. Keep in mind the Global Good Group name means that we are Globally Good… this does not mean we are perfect because nobody really is and decisions are best made by large groups to get the best outcome for the entire community. We feel almost everybody in the world, at least somewhere in their heart, wants good for others and the world even if only in a selfish way for them and their loved ones. We are here to create a community that helps support each other whether through knowledge exchange, capital transfer, or just giving some virtual love and support to those in need.