Ecotrust. I found this great firm while at the SCU Tech Awards Nexus Conference ( 2011 ) yesterday. They have a great full magazine size brochure that they give out entitled: twenty – The Jouney of Innovate, Invest, Inspire. The title alone already sparks the mind to wonder what is within these beautiful world changing pages. The cover and many pages inside have beautiful environmental pictures along side informative and innovative articles that make you really think. I am personally glad that firms such as this exist which are here to change the world in real ways.

On page 16 for example you find a great article entitled, The Fund – World’s first ecosystem investment fund. Here they discuss the realizations they had along the process in dealing with forests and how new investmend models were built 

“around the forest rather than the short-term income expectations of some investors. This, in turn, led to an evergreen forest investment fund that we believe optimizies social and environmental benefits without sacrificing return.”

On the following page it mentions that:

“$30 million was invested in 12,500 acres across four forests in coastal Oregon and Washington. “

All in all they are a great firm to check out and are really trying to help the world in a focused manner within the environmental sector. Another great example on the later pages mention that some of Ecotrust’s tools include:

“Ten years and counting in evolution. Second was that they have interviewed 6,500+ fishermen as well as resolving countless conflicts.”

This helps further demonstrate the value of having Ecotrust within the Global Social Entrepreneurship circle of people trying to change the world in real objective ways. Keep rocking Ecotrust, I think your awesome!

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