Today we bring you some Global Good Christmas Cheer and today we are writing about none other than St. Nicholas! Currently it is trending on google at hotness level mild with related seraches such as st. nicholas day 2011, a Christmas carol and even никулден. It peaked about 11 hours ago but is still trending on google. Christmas is that beautiful time of year when people symbolize giving and love in their actions and do great things for others.
Whether it is the Christmas tree in some religions or the dradel  and manorah in Jewish tradition among others people come together and celebrate around this time of year for their own reasons. May we as a world all unite and come together. Let us look at this as a special time aside from any religion or personal beliefs and just take this as a chance to get closer and look back at the year behind us; and look forward to the new year. We hope all of our Global Gooders out there set some new great goals and resolutions for this new year and try to always improve yourself and be the best you can be and do the best you can for others and the Global Good Globe as a whole.
Much love from the Global Good Network!