We are calling on all Global Good entrepreneurs out there to submit your business plan to the Global Good Group for a chance to win a 12 hour Globalization and Strategy Consulting service from Global Good Media. We are looking for world changing technologies or great ideas that help uplift people and communities. The winner will be chosen by December 1st and notified via their primary contact method of either phone or email. Submit it to GlobalGoodGroup AT Gmail DOT com for your chance to get help building a brand from those who have developed internationally recognized firms, us! We are here to help the world and believe that by servicing the entrepreneurial hubs, the rest of the spokes in the network get taken care of as well especially with social entrepreneurs. Let us help you help the world by sharing your idea.
If your idea is super outstanding; with your consent we may even put it in front of some of our favorite Silicon Valley and New York venture firms in the Social Entrepreneurship domain!
Business Plan should be no more than 25 pages and include an executive summary which may be used as a preliminary judge of the ideas being considererd more closely as a winner. Winning brands may be offered cobranding opportunities with the Global Good Group and our other network partners depending on the situation such as whether the brand is already somewhat built and operational or not.