Kiva’s still changing the world and over $2,061,175 was lent out this week showing that Kiva is making real consistant moves across the world to change peoples’ and communities outlooks. If you are not familiar with Kiva it is a great website that allows you to give even as little as 25 dollars or so to people in need across the world to make money off of. For example you may provide enough money for somebody to buy a community cow and make milk for a community and or sell the milk and run a business. It is an entrepreneurial network that helps those who are in need across the world come in contact with common people who can act as investors because all these people need is 25 to a few hundred often and do not know how to make a business plan or how to borrow money from an institution. Access to capital in other markets is not always easy and some countries or rural locations make it nearly impossible or unfeasible to ever open or maintain an account with one.
Financial relief and investment can be given through money and cars and some 1,497 Kiva cards were purchased this week.  This week alone 4,823 new lenders joined and 5,889 entrepreneurs were funded this week. This is heart warming to see so many people’s lives being changed across the world. This goes well with the saying that you can give a man a fish and he eats for a day but if you teach him how to fish he can eat for life and share it with others. Kiva is so great because it is allowing communities to be changed in a real sustainable way that helps improve progress and future outlook for those in sub optimal situations around the world. There was only 8 secconds between loans on average which is amazing and shows how active Kiva has become with those ready to align their resources with the needs that people have abroad. The charities and services out there that only provide food for people lose so much money to distribution and manufacturing / sourcing related objectives and needs that the funding gets very diluted. KIVA is so important because other than some service fees or something the participant receiving gets all the money that they asked for directly rather than indirectly so an inefficient process or just one days food.

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