It is that time of year! Only the best time ever! What am I referring to? Girl Scout cookie season of course. Surely you have had some Girl Scout cookies in your life and if not then you really do need to try them! The term itself, “Girl Scout cookies” is trending on Google and is stirring up quite a bit of frenzy around the internets of the world.  Articles around the web such as on  are now discussing how this is the 100th year that the Girl Scouts have been around so we want to give them a big Global Good honor and spot on our website via this article! I am actually an Eagle Scout myself so I can attest to the great values and lessons learned through these programs and would definitely recommend them to anybody interested in following and checking them out!


The web is filled with all sorts of Girl Scout related material such as this page where somebody says what Girl Scouts means to them on a hosted blog.


Many of you may be interested in finding out some of the Nutrition Facts of these cookies so we have included them here via an article on the Huffington Post. 


Lastly you may be interested in trying out some Girl Scout cookies this year. To point you in the right direction we would have to recommend getting the thin mint cookies which are AMAZINGGG!!!