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Global Networking Infrastructure

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: PEER 1 NETWORK ENT INC(Toronto: PIX.TO)

Peer1 is a global networking and infrastructure company. With points of presence and data centers throughout the world, connectivity agreements with several carriers, and a host of enterprise offerings they are a major technology partner for us. They enable us to provide the high level of service and quality of internet offerings that we do with confidence that our infrastructure will always be on, available, and performing well globally even at peak levels. Some of our technology and servers are collocated within their 600 W 7th Street Data center in Los Angeles, Ca physically 25 feet from the server cage that owns and about 50 feet from’s server farm. started itself off of dedicated servers leased by, Peer1′s sister company. We are on the same floor as CBS interactive and in the same building where Equinix operates one of its world class data centers which are known for the some of best internet connectivity in the world ( take a look). We mention these facts only to let our customers and partners understand the high level of quality that we demand in services from our vendors to deliver only the best for our customers and partners.

Leader In Global Payment Processing & Transactions

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: ANET ( Nasdaq )

Since 1996, has been a global leader for payment processing. Owned by the CyberSource Corporation, these companies have collectively processed over 1.9 billion transactions amounting to a staggering $109 Billion in e-commerce in 2008 alone. GLOBALGOODMEDIA has strategically chosen to power our global network of transactions for the web and brick and mortar businesses across all verticals. The reputation, scalability, and partnerships Authorize.Net bring to the table are unmatched on the world wide web. Sheer power and flexibility of this solution are allowing us to enter into new business models such as virtual currency, psychical membership card payments, mobile transactions, user subscriptions, and more.


Top Online Video Platform

Video engages diverse people and populations despite cultural and geographic boundaries, religions, demographics, and backgrounds. Bright cove is the video platform allowing us to deliver our clients rich libraries of video assets to the world across all channels whether they be the web, mobile phones, and television screens. Brightcove’s integration with leading syndication systems such as Tube Mogul, and Ad networks gives us the power and control we need to build brands that dominate on the world stage, grow, build market share, and promote good causes.

Microsoft Corporation

Software Provider & Network Partner

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: MSFT ( NASDAQ )

As a member in the Microsoft Partner Network and MSDN ( The Microsoft Developers Network) we are exposed to the latest software whether for our technological infrastructure ( server and desktop operating systems ( Windows Server), databases ( MS SQL Server ), and other systems such as MS Exchange Mail Server and Active Directory. Microsoft is a well established figure in the enterprise and has a long track record of releasing successful next generation technologies which help support the growth and connectivity of the world. We in turn can bring the high levels of performance, security, and support these systems offer to our partners and clients as to provide a solid platform to build our technology off of.


Business Intelligence Systems

Business Intelligence capabilities are within reach for our clients with even the most limiting budgets due to the open source business intelligence system known as Jasper Soft. GLOBALGOODMEDIA keeps a close watch on this product others in its class in the B.I. space as we at GLOBALGOODMEDIA feel that Business Intelligence is the wave of the future and that more automated, smarter systems will be brought closer and closer to the consumer as we fly past 2010 into the future. The advanced features Jasper includes allow us to deliver Business Intelligence ( BI) reports and decisions to our customers and partners whether from a CRM system or one of our Data Warehouses.

Dell Inc.

Server Hardware Provider

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: DELL( NASDAQ )

Dell is the worldwide leader in server hardware infrastructure for organizations ranging from the largest multi-nationals to the small start-up environments in Silicon Valley. Powerful rack servers from Dell allow us to keep our carbon footprint in check ( we strive to be a green company! ) as we take up less space in the datacenter which also helps keep us more financially lean. Our last purchase, a 2U rack mounted server with 32 GB Ram, and 2x quad core processors packs the power of four or servers but reduces our energy consumption and space needs significantly. Dell’s partner and financial leasing programs also allow us to pay for our infrastructure needs over time which gives us more capital to reinvest into R&D and internal needs, thank you Dell! Internally, DELL XPS systems enable us to plan, develop, and deliver engaging user experiences online and offline ( websites, mobile pages, and TV commercials as examples) which coincide with our marketing campaigns and technology solutions.


Enterprise Data Integration Software

The Open Source data integration company Talend provides us with extremely flexible software that integrates our diverse array of databases, servers, applications, and data warehouses. Previously isolated, hard to connect systems, now connect with ease and not only synchronize data but help us manage, filter, and transform ( ETL – Extract Transform Load) these enormous amounts of data that would otherwise not be tapped for all the value we now have by connecting them. Furthermore, Talend is a critical component to our innovation goals as it enables us to make strategic product, R&D, marketing, operational, and investment decisions from the business intelligence reporting we have access to due to its’ extensive abilities.

Adobe Systems Inc.

Global Networking Infrastructure

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: ADBE( NASDAQ )

Communication whether through visual animation, website design, or PDF whitepapers is made possible through the polished product line that Adobe offers for digital content creation and distribution. Stunning visual video effects, print production, and web content design are services of ours which depend daily on the intensive use of Adobe’s suite of programs. Moreover, Adobe’s Flash software gives us a channel for streaming live events, on-demand video, video advertisements, and a whole host of other engaging interfaces which would otherwise be impractical to create and offer to our customers at such competitive prices.

Sun Microsystems Inc

Software Firm Recently Acquired by Oracle

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: JAVA ( NASDAQ )

Sun products are essential to the innovation and integration capabilities at GLOBALGOODMEDIA. Sun has developed the Java programming language which many of our Enterprise Applications and our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is build off of, as well as MySQL the open source database system used throughout many of our client applications and web systems. Lastly, GLOBALGOODMEDIA strongly believes that SUN technologies will give it an edge in the future as we integrate many popular products from SUN such as their Single Sign On software(OpenSSO) to their assorted SOA products which have given us increased business agility which we pass on to our customers through decreased prices and added value.

EMC Corporation

The Worlds #1 Data Storage Company

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: EMC ( NYSE )

As the world’s leading data storage company EMC delivers solutions that are not only highly reliable but scalable into the long future ahead. GLOBALGOODMEDIA dreams to someday operate a data center full of these enterprise storage systems and currently utilizes the VMWare Virtualization Software that is offered by EMC after the recent acquisition of VMWare. EMC has a close connection with GLOBALGOODMEDIA our own founder Rick Jeffries’ mother is a current employee whom works out of Orange County, Ca / Atlanta, Ga / and Washington DC for EMC.


Search & Advertising Partner

Publicly Traded Company | Stock Ticker: GOOG ( NASDAQ )

Perhaps one of our most powerful tools to market brands is Google through its deep network of advertising partnerships and search engine systems. Google is included in many of our international marketing campaigns for clients as one of the primary budgetary needs. Despite Google’s pull out of China we feel it is still an effective way we can reach the worlds’ populations to deliver our messages and our clients’ product lines. We have moved several of our premier clients onto Google APPS for exchange email, calendar, document, and other business productivity solutions which complement our offerings.



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