Germany, a country known for its brash behavior in the past, is now insisting on a new treaty for Europe. The Eurozone is rapidly being looked at for greater integration with other countries surrounding it. There are major super powers around the world such as the European Union, the NAFTA territories, and the United Nations for example combining major population centers and areas into major areas governed by a few. We must watch out for everybody’s well being as the power begins to rest in the hands of just a few major powerful people and governments.

Hopefully Germany among other countries have the whole world’s and all of Europe’s best interests in mind when they are asking for new treaties and similar items but who can really know. At a time in history when people are rebelling against major world icons such as in Egypt and Tyrannical empires are being brought to the ground we must take a deep look at what is going on and what is going to replace it. We are essentially giving more power to even fewer people even though it all seems right by us taking some bad people out of the spotlight and out of power. Good needs to truly be Global Good more than ever and we must rely on our senses, intuition, and in a more practical sense independent news outlets to give us the full scoop on things and what is happening so we can make the right judgement about our future.