Money, money, money. Hard to come by in a bad economy to many but not in the Venture Capital world! An article on Topix pointing to the full info on  explains that the Cambridge based firm  General Catalyst Partners has now raised another $500 Million to match the previous fundraising it had done for one of its other funds. This is now the sixth venture fund that they have touched and at 500M it is definitely a success, one which they reported this past Wednesday.  I don’t know about you but I would love to be at the top of a venture capital firm.. in fact that is the eventual goal in part of the Global Good Network. We hope to be able to invest into Globally Good ideas around the world such as Philanthropists or alternative energy, positively aimed financial firms, anything… under the Global Good Umbrella.

In fact the cool thing about this firm is that I go by a similar name on Facebook currently atleast.

I go by Mr Globalization: but my Full Facebook Name instead of Josh Bois is: Globalization Capital Catalyst

My goal is to help syndicate the right people, financiers, and ideas all together in a way that can change this world. Alone I am but a small part of a bigger puzzle; but when the right puzzle pieces are all organized, aligned, and in motion… the greater Global Good Network whole is unstoppable. Evil forces and negative energies around the world we are coming after you to take you down because it is time for some positivity!!! -Josh Bois


Official Website: