My business partner, and Global Good Group co-founder Rick Jeffries pointed out this video on youtube of some cool potential features of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5’s expected release date is in October according to many internet sources such as who mentioned that the iOS is being “Released to Assemblers around Sept. 23” which point out that the companies involved such as Foxconn and Pegatron would be able to then begin shipping and delivering the phones in early October.

Many have long speculated on some of the features that might be included in the phone which are usually tamed down upgrades that are more revolutionary than evolutionary such as increased screen, battery, ram, and processor stats. We hope to see technology exponentially move forward more often and see innovative features built into the phone such as a virtual keyboard reflected onto your desk to type on or a virtual big image projected that you can see and potentially touch. I really cannot think of the perfect technological names for some of these concepts so you may just have to watch the video below to get an idea of some of the features we hope come to phones sooner rather than later.

Although Apple is very progressive and innovative with their products, I feel strongly that the Android market will be the first to come out with a lot of these technologies especially with Google’s recent takeover of Motorola Mobility and Apple’s loss of Steve Jobs. Furthermore, the openness of the Android platform and huge amount of players involved are in its’ favor for coming up with evolutionary new features. … Many of you will remember this year that the Motorola Android phone dubbed “Atrix” came out with a dual core processor and even a hookup to a dedicated screen and keyboard before Apple had anything similar in the lineup. Similar phones have come out since now from other Android carriers with dual core processors and more showing the fast pace of manufacturing and R&D that they can support vs Apple’s long release times ( Apple tends to release products with more innovations but less frequently ). The increased iterations of development by Android makers make it a platform that may see some super crazy ideas come to it over the coming years ( if it hasn’t evolved into another name, firm, platform, or system altogether by then).

Smartphones are becoming smarter!

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