Guidestar is another great organization helping to change the world most especially through the nonprofit sector.

One such page at:, calls the readers to “Turn your passion into action” which is very important that donors with resources find ways to really change the world. The Guidestar causes range from everything such as disaster response, education, global health, childhood nutrition, to climate change, college access, domestic violence, at-risk-youth, and much more. There are many great organizations that are helping to get funding where it really needs to be and we appreciate the level of organization that these firms are adding to the nonprofit sector.

We need more organizations that act as middle men in the process with not for profits such as the better business bureau does with the private sector for example. A clear need is that of more reviews of charities and the actions that were taken with their money, responsible actions, that show they are doing the right thing with funds. This way we can help people put their funds into firms that are going to invest it into the right places, IE the people that they are helping. Accountability and responsibility both morally and financially are important factors to look at when evaluating which firms to help. Reviews or other items such as proof of where the funds went are critical to improving public trust into these organizations that are trying to help the world.