In this world everybody has a boss. Often the CEO reports to the board and even hubands report so their wife but who do large companies like Google and Facebook bow to? The FTC. Recently many online privacy experts and litigators have been putting both companies in the spotlight because they hold so much of the worlds data whether sensitive or not and they need to properly protect this and be very clear with the public about what goes on with it. For example the pictures you upload to Facebook end up becoming their property and same with the searches you do on google and the emails stored on their servers, even if they still give you control. They have the ability to store this forever and sell it or use it against you in some way in the future. It is important that we protect the world’s rights as these companies are all Global and serve massive user bases. At this point it is not even about protecting the USA but truly about protecting the Global. Global Good time.
Stricter laws are beginning to come to these firms about what info they collect from us and monitoring their intentions over time to ensure that they are as aligned as possible with the public’s need for privacy. These big firms like Facebook are taking two steps forward then one back in a sense that they go a little bit over the top with what info they release then real it back to deal with popular media and then keep pushing the boundaries but where do the boundaries lay? We must be more vigilant and analyze what is really going on!