JB: Hey everyone, this is Josh Bois from Global Good Music and I’m here today with Derek de Lang, frontman and songwriter for the band Nou. Thanks for joining us here today.

DDL: My pleasure thanks for having me!

JB: So you guys were in hibernation for a while, but it seems you’re back!

DDL: Haha yes! Well, we never really went away or broke up, we just took a break from the live show. A couple people left the band as well to pursue other interests, so the rest of us decided to do the same.

JB: What were some of the things you guys did while you weren’t playing live?

DDL: Well, a couple of us joined other bands. Andrew [Sabatine] (bass) played with L.A. local rockers Lights in the Sky for several months. Noah [Tanski] (drums) joined the Popular Music program at USC’s Thornton School of Music, Alex [Babcock] (former guitarist) left to pursue the fine culinary arts, which are all totally cool. I took some time off to learn more about producing, songwriting, and listening to literally tons of new music. I also started producing and songwriting for other people, as well as working on a side-project that marries rock and electronic dance music.

JB: Sounds like you’ve been quite busy, then? Haha (Laughs). Have people heard this new music?

DDL: Close friends have, and it’s been great to hear such positive reception to it. This one’s much more collaborative than the stuff I do with Nou. We have a name and about half the album written, but we won’t let anything see the light of day until the album is done haha so that’s being done somewhat sporadically. But Nou is still a priority, and we’re trying to get a short west coast tour off the ground early this fall. So we’ll see.

JB: That sounds good. I was actually at the last L.A. show at the Key Club and had a blast rocking out.

DDL: Haha yeah I remember seeing you with a beer just rocking out in the front row. Glad you had a good time. We co-headlined with San Francisco indie-rockers Nouveau-Expo. We’ve been good mates for a while and they’re really something special. It’s nice to have a gig where you have one band that sounds like U2/Coldplay/Snow Patrol and another that sounds like the Arcade Fire. So that went well. We also did an unplugged set at the House of Blues’ Voodoo Lounge which went pretty well. Super intimate. Then we also co-headlined a show a couple of weeks ago at the Key Club in Hollywood. We had such a good time and we were so glad so many people came out to see us again after not being on stage for a year and a half.

JB: Awesome guys. So what’s in the future for Nou?

DDL: We’re going to start recording our next EP in August. Hopefully we’ll have a single out this fall and the EP out by December or spring 2012. We’re also shooting a video for “Staring In Your Eyes” soon.

JB: Sounds good. Any tracks in particular you’re excited about for the new album.

DDL: One song called “Not Without A Fight” is going to be played live this fall. Let’s just say, pretty much all of us are going to have to sing backing vocals on this one haha.

JB: Haha, indeed. Well thank you so much for your time, Derek.

DDL: Thanks. See you soon.

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