Dream Home located in Southern California

Dream Home located in Southern California

DreamHomesMagazine is known for its’ large assortment of beautiful houses and properties across the domestic USA as well as the world. From luxurious multi-floor houses to infinity pools this magazine has it all. Although the print version usually costs money as it is quite bulky, there are many properties that are available online for you to check out.. Free! So if you are working long hours, reaching for your dreams and need a little bit extra motivation to get you through it to the other side we strongly recommend you check it out, we love it!

Although we do believe the money that could be used to buy many of the very expensive properties could be better used supporting the worlds’ people and resources; we also firmly believe in hard work and rewarding oneself to a certain degree. We understand it is a sliding scale and it may be just as hard to justify a $2 million dollar Corona Del Mar, Ca estate as that of a $20 million dollar Miami Beach, Fl mansion we feel that there are still several perks that Global Good executives should be able to enjoy themselves while also helping the rest of the world. Our stance on this issue is really just our opinion and we do value others input on this and yours, our wonderful global readers as well. (Photo Credit: gtall1)

Anyways check out the sites, they are easy to use and fun to browse through every now and then.

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