While drinking a cold Crystal Geyser water bottle right now I thought I would review my thoughts about it. First off, no Crystal Geyser has not paid us to write this article ( although they are welcome to contact us =) anyways Crystal Geyser seems to have a good purity and cleanness to it with a little bit of a taste. I am talking about the regular bottles but it does seem to be a great water. I am not a water connoisseur although I have been drinking a lot of water over the past four years especially some of my favorites would be Fiji first and foremost and Dasani ( neither of those companies paid us either…we promise! Anyways we would like more people to drink water due to the great benefits that it offers such as helping to clean the toxins out of your system and giving you Life! Remember, that our bodies are around 70-80% water so you need to refill all the time.

Tap water mixes in germs and diseases that are in the water lines so it is important to have purified water one way or another. This is one that we are putting our stamp of approval on, not for any technical reason other than that it is massively available . It should also be better than a neutral taste like some other waters not that special flavors are in this water.

You can check out their full site at: http://www.crystalgeyserasw.com/