Creative Recreation is a stylish fashion brand. The two words are described by their definitions in the about us section on their website. Throughout California ( North and South ) they have a strong following and are distributed throughout many major channels such as store chains like Nordstroms ( ) and independent shoe sellers. High end fashion stores throughout Orange County at centers such as South Coast Plaza and the Irvine Spectrum also carry these shoes for stylish consumers to purchase.

There shoes are diversified from many other shoes with their bold and sleek looks which help many stand out in the crowd. I have had several pairs which have lasted quite long although the soles on the bottoms do wear out a bit faster than other comparable shoes, but is to be expected with high end shoes when over worn a bit.

Their website gives their definition of creative as:
Characterized by originality and imagination

Recreation Definition:
A Refreshment of one’s mind or body thruogh activity that amuses and stimulates play

They are known for high end fashion items for men, women, kids, and are mainly focused on the shoe market. Creative Recreation shoes

Official Creative Recreation Website: