It is interesting to see how movements in our modern times are organized and managed now that we have many increases in technology and changes in our daily lifestyle. For example, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s imagine how difficult it would be to successfully get 50,000 protestors or people behind a movement to all coordinate and show up on time somewhere. Now we have tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and websites to efficiently get information out to people and align their actions and interests in a way never seen before. Back to our early history example; imagine having to update 50,000 people about a change in date, location, or focus of an event two days before it is about to occur. You would have to hire just as many people or more as you were trying to get organized just to inform your constituents.
Well now all of that has changed. Twitter for example has allowed people in different countries to stay in communication on topics even when their governments or governing bodies try to cut off communication or access to certain web properties such as Google or maybe CNN that may allow this information to flow. This article on venture beat covers apps such as: GO HD and Whatsapp. These provide organization platforms for all of the protestors and people to share schedules, event times, locations, and more. These are critical to allow efficient handling of events and what people are trying to accomplish through them rather than a big hoard of un focused peoples. Good job technology!
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