Chairman and CEO of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch

Chairman and CEO of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch

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Apparently the Church of England has a stake in News Corporation and owns quite a few shares in it through their investment division and are now going after them. Their holdings are worth about $6 million and include the British subsidiary who publishes The News of the World. Personally it is quite weird seeing that a Church owns investments into media companies, especially such high profile ones as News Corporation. Media companies do tend to be quite conservative, or at least the managing members at the top; however, in my experience I have seen nearly every media outlet publish pretty liberal and “out there” stories that leads me to question exactly how much of the “conservative” energy from the top management really floats its’ way into the practical day to day managers, authors, and editors that act as the front face of the company. As a managing partner of a media network and many websites, we ourselves look at ourselves as very conservative; and even still we have let pretty liberal opinions and articles out onto our network. (Photo Credit: sdk)

Back to the Church of England, they have now been questioning the whole situation with News Corp and many of the Clergy members have been pushing for some or all of the shares to be sold that they held in News Corp. I do think it is smart for a Church to have investments and be able to naturally make their own money to support their organization without having to always be asking for donations from their members; but investing in a News Corporation almost sounds like a conflict of interest in the sense that Church’s usually do not support a lot of what is in the media especially as quite a great deal of it has to do with violence, sex, and other topics that have some negative connotations.

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