Drawing of Chupacabra

Drawing of Chupacabra

Photo Credit: Pippypippy

Ah, the Chupacabra. The mystical animal that people have talked about for decades as a half man half animal with extra toes or other “out there” type features that nobody has ever been able to prove with real conclusive evidence. Apparently today, this mystical Cupacabra creature, is back in the spotlight apparently as numerous major news sites including abcnews.go.com have reported recent sightings of this creature in Texas.

Enough people have been influenced and intrigued by these sightings for it to become a google trend today, July 11, 2011.

According to Wikipedia ( ) the word comes from spanish roots with chupar meaning “to suck” and cabra meaning “goat” which literally means “goat sucker” as this creature is known for killing off lots of animals especially those of goats apparently. The Cupacabra’s original sightings were based in Puerto Rico with later sightings coming from the United States and Mexico. This animal was known for attacking other animals and supposedly drinking their blood.

Many potential sightings have turned out to be infected coyotes which have parasites such as those that cause scabies and mange which adds to many readers skepticism around the world.

Reported attacks from around the world have included everything ranging from eight sheep found dead and completely drained of their blood to over 150 farm animals killed which some attributed to some sort of cult like action rather than that of a mysterious animal.

So if you should come across a Chupacabra what do you do? Either close your eyes and tell yourself its not real because it isn’t, or run for dear life because it is probably a coyote or bob cat and your about to get munched on by the rest of the pack when they start howling. Run dear global gooders, or fight back with all you got!!!