We wanted to remember Charlie Chaplin as well as some other industry legends such as Dick Van Dyke and bring some content to some of our older readers and Boomer’s that come to our site wanting something they can relate to. Well guys, here you go! Today we dedicated this article to Charlie Chaplin or more officially, “Sir Charles spencer ‘Charlie’ Chaplin, who lived from April 16, 1889 through December 25, 1977 and was a comedic actor that influenced several major actors and films. According to Wikipedia he “became one of the most famous film stars in the world before the end of World War I. Chaplin used mime, slapstick and other visual comedy routines, and continued well into the era of the talkies, though his films decreased in frequency from the end of the 1920’s.” Anyways this is a tribute to Charlie and everything he did, Global Gooders lets hear your thoughts below!

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