A recent article on Huffington Post explains that there is actually some hidden software on a great deal of smartphones including HTC, Blackberry, Nokia among the mix. Surely iPhones have something similar if not the same software. The hidden software records everything that happens on the phone such as all of your text messages, voice messages, internet searches and even the trivial actions are logged such as keystrokes, turning off apps, and charging the phone. The article goes further to explain that even encrypted urls with HTTPS:// prefixed to them are subject to the same logging features and everything meaning that there is no real way passed it.
The software is said to be a “rootkit” which means it is very deeply integrated into the actual operating system of the phone so it can not be easily removed. The Carrier IQ firm could not be reached for comments according to Huffington. Wired.com recently explained that this software is for also understanding where dropped calls are and factors to “improve user experience” essentially. Our privacy in this Global Good World is being taken and we cannot take it for granted.