Canada is getting some heat for a recent decision to pull out of their decision to be part of the Kyoto treaty. They are under fire now from several countries for having left the treaty and are being called “reckless” and “irresponsible” for this move. The UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres also said, “I regret Canada’s withdrawal and am surprised over its timing” and that “Canada has a moral obligation to itself and future generations to lead in the global effort”. This is interesting as Canada seems to be one of the very neutral but positive countries who we do not have to worry about military uprisings and generally are able to benefit from their forward thinking ways and efforts at sustainability. I would like to see all of the countries play nicely together, a Global Good World, but that may never truly be obtainable despite its ideal nature. One thing that we can enjoy because of this is some balance of power when too many governments are all not part of too many super organizations or overbearing governments that have power to be tyrants with too much control and influence over there people.


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