Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

Canada, a country known for its neutral stance in many political issues around the world, has recently just pulled out of Afghanistan after 9 years of combat there. The troops have been there since as early as January 19, 2002 when troops had landed in Kandaha ( which almost sounds similar to Canada weirdly enough ). The last posts have been signed over to NATO and the US troops still there to preside in their absence and retain control and progress within the region.

Many will remember that troops from several countries had entered into the Afghan regions after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers that rocked the United States years ago and heated up international rivalry most especially against Afghan from United States partners.

Perhaps now that Osama Bin Laden has been captured and killed much of the world sees this whole dispute and process as being over and the energy surrounding it has dissipated.

It seems however that the troops missions in Afghan have been successful as many political and economical recoveries have happened with the guidance of the UN and US and other partners’ forces. Although the problems in Afghan. are never over, right on for progress! (Photo Credit: pixelens photography)

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