Gavin Rossdale with Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale w/ Gwen Stefani

Many of you may not know who Daisy Lowe is but may heard of Gavin Rossdale, the singer for Bush. Well apparently he had a daughter he just found out about in 2004, and now this daughter of his is taking it all off and exposing herself for the September Playboy Issue. Personally, I hate seeing celebrities or their relatives giving in to all of the Hollywood Glitz and Glamour and turning to the playboy route. Call me conservative or old fashioned but I do not really think it is appropriate no matter who you are to bare it all like this. Although we are born naked and even just thousands of years ago we all wore nothing, it is not cool to do it now in front of millions of people in the name of entertainment and money. I already hold enough grudges against Hollywood’s immorality and despite our support of the industry by promoting their news and attending their events, I feel somebody must stand up and stakeholders must be within the industry from inside to change it, not just from the other industries. If we can bring about the world’s news to people but also at least expose them to other good causes, especially those that are global good, then we are doing our part, even if they have to be exposed to articles such as this about people baring it all for playboy, it is not my intention. (Photo Credit: Ammar Abd Rabbo)

This is not the first time Playboy has exposed the daughters of major celebrities. The magazine, created initially by Hugh Hefner the playboy media mogul, had exposed Elizabeth Jagger who is the daughter of Mick Jagger. The mag had exposed her topless in their June issue and is now going to be in this upcoming September edition at least according to Spinner.

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